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High standards form our foundation, and curiosity and a desire for improvement give our work meaning



- Our product is a guarantee of the highest quality 

- We manufacture filaments with diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm from materials such as ASA, ABS, PLA, PLABS

- We ensure constant dimensions (+/- 0.05 mm) and repeatability of colors (RAL standard) of our product

- Filament is available in transparent spools with a net weight of 1 kg. Filament on spools with a net weight of 2.5 kg will be best for large printouts

- The product delivered to you is packed to protect it against external factors, simultaneously guaranteeing that no one opened the packaging before you

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

- The highest quality and repeatability of our products is ensured by our original, innovative production technology

- Our rigorous, original operating and quality control procedures at every stage of production guarantee satisfaction with the use of our filament

- We have implemented and employ innovative technological solutions as well as a modern machine park

- We hold patent applications concerning the method of filament manufacturing, and our production is carried out with respect for resources and the environment 

Research and Development Work

Research and Development Work

- We conduct continuous research intended to improve our products' characteristics

- We develop new materials and mixtures used to manufacture filament for various applications in 3D printing

- We conduct research and testing in cooperation with R&D centers in search of new solutions for the 3D industry

- We are open to cooperation leading to the adaptation of our products to the individual needs of our Customers

Raw material

Raw material

- We are introducing filaments made from materials not used for 3D printing until now onto the market

- We use only raw materials of the highest quality from leading global manufacturers of plastics

- The dyes and additives in our filaments come from certified laboratories, which ensures repeatable colors and conformity to RAL

- We have developed a rigorous procedure for delivery, storage and preparation of raw materials for production, which ensures that our products are of the highest quality




ASA from P3D – a product distinguished by the Contest Jury at the 9th 3D Printing Days event

This plastic is characterized by weather resistance, including resistance to sunlight (UV) and rain, making is ideally suited for prints exposed to outdoor conditions.

ASA's high strength and rigidity, combined with its chemical resistance, creates the potential for its inclusion in engineering designs.

Meanwhile, the low contraction, excellent adhesion of layers and high gloss of ASA filament allow for precise and extraordinarily appealing prints. 

The filament is suitable wherever one needs prints that are mechanically resistant, resistant to outdoor exposure (UV radiation and water/rain), and equally importantly, prints that are very appealing and precisely reflect the project's dimensions.

Recommended print settings:         
Hot-End - 245-260°C
No print cooling fan
Hot-Bed– 100-120°C

Compositum ABS AT™


ABS materials are dedicated for industry and professional application in open and close chamber FDM 3D printers. Due to the excellent coherence of the layers, ABS AT™ is perfect for printing large and complex models without having closed or heated chamber.

ABS AT™ provides a perfect lateral surface without any cracks. It has a significantly increased thermal resistance so that the prints do not deform and can work continuously at temperatures up to 100°C. The linear contraction determined on open printers does not exceed 0.4% and the impact strength of IZOD at -30°C reaches 8 kg•cm/cm.

The ABS AT™ filament is characterized by a low emissions of volatiles and very low absorption of moisture, thanks to that the moisture absorbing substance is no required

Recommended print settings:         
Hot-End - 245-260°C
No print cooling fan
Hot-Bed– 100-120°C

Design Filament Series™

Design Filament Series™ FILAMENT PRO

Design Filament Series™ to linia filamentów ekonomicznych produkowanych na bazie granulatów modyfikowanych pod kątem zastosowania w druku przestrzennym FDM. Stanowi ona uzupełnienie oferty linii technicznej – Compositum Filament Series™ i jest odpowiedzią na oczekiwania klientów marki oraz rynku. Ze względu na atrakcyjną cenę, filamenty z linii Design pozwalają na redukcję kosztów wytwarzanych detali, które stanowić mają modele poglądowe, koncepcyjne, czy także użyteczne, ale w przypadku których nie są wymagane bardzo wysokie parametry wytrzymałościowe - odpowiadające serii Compositum™. Na chwilę obecną linia filamentów Design obejmuje trzy tworzywa o oznaczeniach: PLA FL™, PLA MT™

Opisy i charakterystyka poszczególnych materiałów dostępne w sekcji do pobrania.



PLA is a bio-degradable material manufactured from the highest grade of repeatable granulates from a renowned global manufacturer (NatureWork).

PLA filament from P3D has the potential for creating appealing and durable prints thanks to the repeatability of both shape and color (RAL standard) as well as original production technology.

Main advantages of PLA filaments:

  • made from 100% bio-degradable raw materials
  • high precision in model representation
  • relatively high strength
  • easy model machining/processing
  • relatively low melting temperature
  • low contraction after cooling
  • appeal of the print – high gloss and smooth print surface

Recommended print settings:         
Hot-End - 210-230°C
Hot-Bed– 60-80°C



PLABS from P3D - environment-friendly with a broad spectrum of applications

This filament combines the best features of PLA and ABS plastics, which are popular in the 3D printing industry.

Its low contraction during processing, similar to PLA, and a mechanical strength equaling that of ABS provides for effective and impressive prints that perfectly reflect the project's dimensions.

The filament is bio-degradable, making it ideally suited for prints intended for contact with food and as a material for children's didactic aids.

Recommended print settings:         
Hot-End - 230-250°C
No print cooling fan
Hot-Bed– 100-120°C



We can and want to discover new possibilities for you by offering:
- high filament quality,
 - product repeatability,
- strict cooperation over the course of development of material modifications adapted to individual needs,
- the possibility of ordering filament in any color scheme (according to RAL).



Cooperation means mutual satisfaction, so you can count on us to provide:
- openness to various solutions developed in cooperation,
- a simplified ordering process,- a flexible sales model,
- accounting for the process of progression in mutual cooperation,
- a transparent loyalty model.


The P3D company was created thanks to a combination of passion and business experience. Our goal is to manufacture and deliver to our Customers filaments of the highest quality while accounting for the individual preferences.

Our filament is directed to industrial recipients, professionals, hobbyists, and personal users of 3D printing alike. A returning Customer is of the greatest value and a source of enormous job satisfaction for us.
By taking our Customers' suggestions into account, we are continuously developing and modernizing our products, and we also create new filaments dedicated for various 3D printing applications. 

The technological process of filament manufacturing we have developed as well as our modern machine park ensure that our products maintain a constant, repeatable high quality, which is critical for effective use in 3D printing. We encourage you to follow our website so that you don't miss out on new solutions which may be dedicated just for you.

We invite business customers to cooperate with us and individual customers to purchase P3D products from our verified distributors.

We belong to the Polish 3D Printing Industry Association




P3D Spółka z o.o. Rumuńska 24, 91-336 Łódź
+48 721 713 777
+48 517 523 217
NIP: PL7272798346
Regon: 363105670

Enterprise registered in the National Court Register under number 00000588622, initial capital in the amount of PLN 200,000.

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